Victoria in B&W

Venue: Abandoned hotel, Sofia

Lens: Nikkor 50 mm f/1.4

Music: Nabezao – Black panther (

After a small creative break (meaning that I was working and had less time for the photoblog), I am back with a new post and a new category of black and white photos. It’s of course not the first time I’m posting b&w photos, but I’m planning to do so even more often in the future and thus decided to create a designated category. Anyway, without further digressions I present you Victoria. She just turned 18 years old and is still in high school studying many different languages among other things. It took about an hour in my favorite abandoned hotel in the outskirts of Sofia to create these photos and I hope you like them.

We start with a series of shots on the stairs of what used to be a hotel close to the forest in Vitosha mountain, in one of the suburbs of Sofia.
Even though she’s so young, Victoria already has quite some experience with posing…
20190719-DSC_1784 she felt very comfortable in front of the camera from the start.
Still on the staircase…
A few last portrait shots with the nice light at the staircase…
..and two seconds later.
Another room and another pose, which was entirely her idea.
Almost an identical picture, but I reflected it horizontally for some diversity.
Here we finally made it up the stairs, where a corridor used to lead to the hotel rooms…
but now the building is slowly collapsing.
And a few vertical shots…
Last one before heading back down the stairs.
On the way down Victoria couldn’t resist posing a bit more…
..but our time was up, so we headed back to the city with a full memory card in my camera.

22 thoughts on “Victoria in B&W

  1. I like the emotion expressed in black and white photography which you captured so well, which doesn’t always come across in the same way in colour to me!
    Elderly people also seem to have very expressive faces in black and white so you may have already done it but if not it would be lovely to see some shots!

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  2. these are very nice. do you use photoshop for the. lighting or is that just a camera setting? also what do you shoot with, I’m going to start with a Nikon at my school here in December. Also thanks for fallowing me, I appreciate it.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I shoot with Nikon D750, and the lens I always mention at the start of the post. The lighting is neither a camera setting, nor photoshop (although photoshop can improve things a bit) – I just look for the places where the natural light is good

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      1. Cool. I don’t know that much about photography yet but I’m hoping to capture some cool moments.


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