Cyberpunk in Japan

Venue: Tokyo and Kyoto, Japan

Lens: Nikkor 50 mm f/1.4 & Samsung S10 camera

Music: Suzuki Tsuneyoshi – Omoide (

Surely anyone that ever visited Japan felt at times a little bit like being in a futuristic cyberpunk novel or in movie like Blade Runner. Without specifically trying to take photos of this kind, I realized I do have plenty of shots from my last year’s visit that match very well the cyberpunk theme. So I decided to show them separately in a dedicated post, hopefully making happy the Blade Runner fans out there. Enjoy! And do check out on google for some way more impressive cyberpunk shots of Japan from more professional photographers that took their time and waited specifically for the perfect conditions like rain and fog and interesting passers by.

We start at the Japanese nerd Mecca – the Akihabara neighborhood in Tokyo. It’s full of video game shops, anime libraries, geeky maid cafes and all sorts of other flashy and weird places…
I forgot to also mention the numerous buildings packed with pachinko and other slot games making an indescribable constant electronic noise.
And still in Akihabara and the diversity of options of where to play every video game ever created.
Moving to a very different disctrict of Tokyo – the Golden Gai in Shinjuku. It is crammed with tiny bars, really all sorts of bars you can imagine, with various designs, themes and visitors. The only thing all the bars here have in common is that they are all really tiny, usually only big enough to fit at most 10-15 people at a time.
And again jumping to the other side of Tokyo to Asakusa and its atmospheric little streets with small restaurants and the huge tower of Tokyo Skytree looming in the background.
Still in Asakusa, even though less of a cyberpunk themed photo. I decided giving you a little taste of traditional Japan as well.
One of the many famously big crossings of Tokyo. This one is in the Ueno district I believe, close to where the top photo was taken as well.
A backstreet view in a less busy area of Tokyo, somewhere in between Ueno and Asakusa.
And another view to Tokyo Skytree and the moon right above it.
Changing the city to Kyoto (don’t worry, all the temples are coming in a different post soon!) and changing the postprocessing of the photos to increase the contrast. This is a tiny street packed with restaurants and bars in the historical centre of Kyoto in the Gion district.
A fancy looking bar in Gion. Not much info or other hints left for the gaijins (i.e. foreigners) except it’s a bar.
And one last shot of Kyoto’s central streets at night, with some seemingly important people frequenting the bars on this particular street.

14 thoughts on “Cyberpunk in Japan

  1. It has been fifty years since I have been in Japan. Amazingly, it doesn’t look much different in your photo’s than it did when I was there (which predated “cyberpunk” by decades!) Thanks for the view. Dr. Bob

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  2. Japan is one of the few places I want to visit, if possible. Thanks for sharing the pictures. I will return to this post many times…
    P. S. Really nice pictures.
    And I liked the soundtrack for the post as well.
    From a fan of Blade Runner and Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?


  3. I felt Japan is what people in 1990s’ thought the future would look like – with giant animated billboards, robots, electronic wires everywhere and tall skyscrapers and skybridges.

    I really liked Hoppy Street in Asakusa with their Izakaya shops lighting up at night.

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