A rainy day in Limone sul Garda

Venue: Limone sul Garda, Italy

Lens: Samsung S10 camera

Music: Jose Feliciano – Che Sara’ (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RQABUlWcQi0)

Hello people of the virtual world! Recently things have been rough to pretty much everyone in the real world, but I hope all of you are safe and healthy. As Bulgaria is in effective lockdown due to the virus just like many other countries these days, I’ll have the chance to catch up on posting photos from my trips around the world. Being trained as a theoretical physicist I am pretty much incapable of truly helping anyone, but I hope at least my photos will remind you of the beauty of the world and take your mind off the constant stream of bad news for a couple of minutes.

Today’s post will be from the Garda lake in the region of Lombardy and more precisely the little town of Limone. Right now this place is of course off limits, but when I visited around one year ago it was still attracting plenty of tourists with the usual Italian combination of stunning nature, rich local history and heavenly cuisine. A particularly curious piece of information about the inhabitants of Limone is that they are extremely long-lived due to a mutation in their genes that happened sometime in the middle ages protecting them from cardiovascular diseases. So they should be in a good shape to fight off the virus while we are taking this virtual tour of their surroundings.

We start from this little port for small boats in the center of Limone.
This is the view in the opposite direction from the same spot, looking up the steep hills on which all towns around Garda lake are built.
A typical building in Limone and the imposing rocks behind it.
This (if I remember correctly) is the building of the town hall, with the omni-present lemon plants. You might have guessed it already, but limone means lemon in Italian, but it’s not clear whether the name came before they started growing lemons or the other way round.
And there are of course also some medieval fortresses right by the water. Maybe the people in the past were anticipating the great tourist potential these places will have a few centuries later?
Some more modern building and a small beach at the lake for the summer days.
It was a rainy cold day, perfect to allow my photos of the little cobblestone streets to be lacking crowds of tourists.
This here is the more proper beach on the south side of town, with a wider space for sunbathing in summer…
…or just enjoying the wonderful view in other seasons.
At the end of the beach there is a little river flowing to the lake and a beautiful walking alley takes you up the stream on a hike in the nearby mountains.
Another nice view from the upper side of town.
A clearly very old building with lemons growing on top of it… maybe it was designed to be a sort of greenhouse, but I am really guessing here.
More lemon trees growing on top of another old building, this time with a lake view.
And this is the main church in town, next to the place where we were headed for dinner.
After a wonderful meal we had time for an evening stroll around town, last moments of enjoying the beautiful calm atmosphere of this rainy day in Limone.


17 thoughts on “A rainy day in Limone sul Garda

  1. Thanks for sharing, when this is all over I definitely want to go there, Arco is on my list. Every climber should have been there at least for once ;-). Italy I´m with you. Gretting from Vienna


  2. I love Italy and know the Lake Garda area. I lived five years near Lake Como & then in Milano. Your photos are incredible, brought me right back there. 📚🎶 Christine


  3. You may have been trained as a theoretical physicist, but your photography is picture perfect especially through these dark days. Stay safe and keep making beautiful images so we can step away from the insanity that has gripped the world.


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