Rainy Mainz

Venue: Mainz, Germany

Lens: Samsung S10 camera

Music: Richard Wagner – Tristan und Isolde (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J-qoaioG2UA)

Today my post will take you to another historic European place, the university town of Mainz in Germany. In recent times maybe a bit overshadowed in importance by the nearby Frankfurt am Main, Mainz was an important cultural center in the Middle Ages. It was the home of Johannes Guthenberg who invented the printing press and manufactured the first printed books exactly in Mainz. And similarly to pretty much everywhere else in Germany, over 80% of the old historic town of Mainz was destroyed during the second World War. Remarkably however, I think the citizens managed to protect and reconstruct very well the old atmosphere afterwards, as I think will be obvious in the following virtual tour.

Early spring in Germany can be a rather rainy period, which maybe inspired this nice sculpture?
A nice residential building, in what I would say is a typical German style.
The inside of the St. Stephan church, with all the windows made by the famous modernist Marc Chagall.
Even the organ in the church was in a very distinctive modernist style…
…but the deep blue windows and the very special atmosphere they create inside the church are really worth seeing even if modernism is not necessarily your thing.
Moving on to the bigger, or actually the biggest church, the Mainzer Dom. The cathedral of Mainz is also one of the oldest and biggest in all of Germany.
Another view to the imposing catholic cathedral from the main square.
Some old houses in the typical German style.
And here’s another pretty square with a modernist sculture and an old historic building.
A small detour to the very green and beautiful main cemetery of Mainz.
Another calm and pretty corner of the same cemetery.
And back to the historic center with the cobblestone squares, modernistic fountains and pretty houses.
Some of the squares can be also full of flowers and beautiful blossoming trees in spring.
But unfortunately the rain kept falling down so our photo-tour stops here, close to the wine-house I found for shelter. I think you managed to get a good grasp of the relaxed and historic atmosphere of Mainz and its unexpected charm.

8 thoughts on “Rainy Mainz

  1. Just wonderful, thank you so much for sharing. Reminds me of when I was stationed in Bad Hersfeld. I will get back to beautiful Germany😊. So much character and kind folks.


  2. Thank you so much for your photos of Mainz! I am a fan of Chagall which began with a trip to Nice and his museum. It was there I saw his stained glass windows as well as in Chicago at the Chicago Art Museum. I so love your posts.


  3. On Mon, 16 Mar 2020, 10:54 pm kirilson photography, wrote:

    > kirilson posted: “Venue: Mainz, Germany Lens: Samsung S10 camera Music: > Richard Wagner – Tristan und Isolde ( > https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J-qoaioG2UA) Today my post will take you > to another historic European place, the university town of Mainz in > Germany. In recent t” >


  4. It looks beautiful! Shamefully I have been to Mainz but didn’t really see any of it, I had a very brief visit.


  5. Having been born in Frankfurt, Mainz is a favorite spot of mine to visit with less traffic and urban hecticness. I have always loved the Mainz Dom and visit whenever I’m there. There are a number of very old churches in that surrounding areas that combine modern updates with ancient walls. What a lovely post showing that and lovely Mainz. Kudos!


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