Snowy sakura in Sofia

Venue: Sofia

Lens: Samsung S10 camera

Music: Salvatore Adamo – Tombe la neige (

Two days after the official start of spring and after an extended period with temperatures around 20 degrees in Bulgaria, overnight it suddenly got very cold and started snowing. By noon today there was already more snow in Sofia than at any point this winter. This is rather unfortunate for the trees that already started blossoming and might freeze, but in the same time is quite beautiful in times of lockdown when there’s almost nobody outside. So I went for a small walk (while I’m still allowed) and took a few pictures for a short but hopefully nice post. Let’s see if you’ll recognize the Hipodruma district, which was subject to this older post,

A children playground in my neighborhood in Sofia, earlier today.
A typical block of flats in the Hipodruma district.
The presently closed entrance of a high school along my way back home.

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