Me and my camera, Nikon D750

A theoretical physicist exploring the world of photography. I am currently living in my hometown of Sofia, Bulgaria, after many years of studying and working abroad in Germany, Netherlands and Italy. I am still traveling often around the world and taking photos of different people and places, which I will try to collect and describe here. I hope you enjoy my posts!

I’m still a beginner photographer full of enthusiasm and I think (hope) that my style develops with time, so every new post will hopefully be better! In any case I will be very happy to hear out your feedback and ideas either here or on my email, kirilson@gmail.com.

Don’t be shy to follow me either here or on my fb page https://www.facebook.com/kirilsonphotography.

Take care, Kiril


110 thoughts on “About

  1. Kiril, you have an excellent “about” page and whether a beginner or experienced photographer the images you capture and share will each be unique and a blessing. We look forward to seeing and learning your area of the world through your eyes and words.

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  2. Hi Kiril, just wanted to say how wonderful your photography is, so beautifully atmospheric and wonderfully composed. You have such a great eye, I’m surprised you don’t do it for a living. I also wanted to say thank you, as I see your ‘likes’ on my blog posts regularly. It means a great deal when someone keeps coming back and reading my work!
    All the best in your photographic adventures, Lynn


  3. Hi there! Thanks for the like and follow! Great photos!!! You should really also visit my son’s site, it’s at https://tripill.com/. He’s a photographer too, as a sideline; mainly he’s a film editor. Lives in Brooklyn. Oh, and he’s been to Bulgaria (where they shot “Unstoppable” years ago, with Wesley Snipes.) Anyway, Have a look. Tell him I sent you. 😀 xx


  4. Hello and thanks so kindly for visiting my Blog. I have a number of friends that make wonderful photo’s of everyday life that I’d probably not see if not for them. That’s what I love about photography, it stops time so that you can really appreciate a moment. Cheers!


  5. Thank you very much for stopping by and joining my blog. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy sharing my recipes and travels with you. Welcome aboard.


  6. Great photographs on your site, excellent writing (it would be good even for a native speaker), and a theoretical physicist too. I’m seriously impressed!


  7. Hello Kiril, you found the blog where I write about Photography. Thats great. Now that I know about your site I will spend some time viewing the pictures you post and reading what you write about them.
    Nice to be in contact.


  8. Wow your shots don’t look amateur at all. Btw, I’m glad you liked my Wimbledon post coz I got to know yours. That was last year but hey, it’s Wimbledon season again, yey!


  9. Absolutely stunning photos (and great commentary as well). Thank you for following my site (mostly because it alerted me to yours). Would you mind if I used some of your photos occasionally to inspire my students’ writing? (I am a primary school teacher, constantly on the lookout for inspirational photos and images to inspire writing.)


  10. Hi, i like when you said you are a “beginner photographer”. Itss hard to believe….because your clicks are real good. i love to do some good shoots as well but first learn to do one. Vannie from India.


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