Desi & Vesi: fall edition

Venue: South park, Sofia

Lens: Nikkor 85 mm f/1.8

Music: John Lennon – Imagine (

Several months after our first photoshoot with Desi and Vesi ( we decided it was time for some new photos, this time in the South park in Sofia with the fall as a main theme. It was a warm day with plenty of fallen leaves and empty space in the park, and this time also Vesi was feeling very comfortable and ready for posing. So we set on searching for nice spots in the park and here’s a selection from the best shots we made.

We started with some typical fall photos of Desi around the yellow leaves..
..mixed with some of the usual posing shots.
Then we switched to Vesi, while Desi was throwing fallen leaves at her.
Here I asked them to look thoughtfully away from the camera, not sure how convincing they are.
We also found a very old round-bench in the park and decided to try some shots.


The girls were well prepared for the photos with some hats and different clothes that you’ll in the coming photos.
Here and in the top photo I wanted to experiment with a more artsy, “still life” shot, making the girls look up and stay still for a while.
Then we went on with some more standard fall photos in the leaves.


After a short bathroom break for changing outfits, the girls were ready for more photos.
We found a little pond in the park with some big pine trees on the side that provided a nice shade and background for photos.


And Vesi put on a very cute yellow hat and green sweater, matching perfectly the colors of the trees.


As you see we made quite a few photos around the pond and the trees..
..with the girls taking turns in posing.
And in the end two shots that I decided to retouch differently from the rest: here a portrait of Desi in darker tones and colors.
And here Vesi in front of the lake in black and white.

As a final today I’d like to congratulate Desi and Vesi and all other students and to wish them happy celebrations since 8th December also happens to be the “university holiday” in Bulgaria.

Tsveti & Joy

Venue: “Borisova garden” park, Sofia

Lens: Nikkor 85 mm f/1.4

Music: Michael Buble – L.O.V.E. ( – Tsveti’s favorite

As everybody knows, the autumnal season is very suitable for photo shoots in the park with all the bright colors and the falling leaves. So it was just a matter of having some suitable weather before we go to the Borisova garden with Tsveti and Joy and some of our other friends for an afternoon walk and some photos. Tsveti is the little sister of Joy, who already featured in one of my older posts here ( She just started her university studies after moving from Plovdiv to Sofia and was very happy to pose for me, so hopefully you’ll get to see some more of her in the future.

Before the family photo shoot I had some time to walk around the park by myself and stumbled into some interesting sights that I hope you’ll enjoy as a little starter setting the stage, after which I’ll go to the two main subjects of the post.

An anti-communist slogan against the Marxists on one of the remaining communist monuments in the park, written in German for some unknown to me reason.
Nearby a girl was feeding one of the squirrels and I just couldn’t miss the chance to frame the moment.
And here is Tsveti, in black and white.
A warmer colorful version, with Tsveti taking her coat off.
And here is Radost, or Joy, trying to make some leaves fall over her as we were attempting to create a more autumnal feel to the photos.
After a long series of unsuccessful tries of one sister throwing leaves on the other one and our other friends trying to help, we came up with the perfect solution…
…someone shaking the tree above and making the leaves fall over! That’s our friend Vlado who was so energetic that he needed to cover his head from the falling branches. It’s so nice to have such a devoted assistant.
But the end product was worth it I think, the two sisters do look good with some falling leaves around them.
Then it was time for some separate shots of each of the sisters…
..with this one probably my preferred shot of Joy, with the overarching branch and the red leaves matching her scarf.
And a last family shot before Joy left the stage entirely to her little sister.
With Tsveti we then tried some more photos in the still-green part of the park..
..before we came back to the same old communist monument, where Tsveti did some more fashion-style posing.
One of the last shots on the back side of the monument before we all decided it was time for some coffee and warming up in a cafe outside the park.

Ladies’ fashion

Venue: A schoolyard in central Sofia

Lens: Nikkor 50 mm f/1.4

Music: Madonna – Vogue (

It was high time for some photos with pretty girls, as lately I was more concentrated on conceptual photos or some special occasions as you see in my previous posts. So it was fortunate that shortly after the photomarathon I was approached by Radi, with whom we already had a few photoshoots before ( and – she has a fashion site that also sells clothes and wanted to make some photos advertising them. So it was also a great opportunity for me to try out some fashion photos with Radi and her sister Dorina.

Radi had found a beautiful autumn place for the task – a schoolyard in central Sofia, with the school building (more or less) recently renovated and making a nice background for the photos, so I tried to keep the background also fairly sharp instead of my usual style of focusing sharply on the subject and blurring the rest by the shallow depth of field I normally use. I like experimenting and I think we made some nice photos for the purpose, but everyone has their own opinion so I’ll let everyone decide for themselves by showing you a selection of the photos we made.

We started with both sisters (Radi on the left and Dorina on the right) in matching dresses..
..and then went on making individual shots and changing outfits and places around the schoolyard.
I was of course mostly in charge of the photos, while Radi was choosing the outfits and styling, while Dorina was the model for most of the time.
But there were enough clothes also for several double shots.


A rare occasion when Dorina was smiling. She was quite serious for most of the photos, which is probably a good thing when you want to accentuate on the clothes and not on the girl. So I was also happy with her posing style, it’s always interesting to try something different.


Here it becomes obvious we’re in a schoolyard, with the football “field” on the background. These are the type of concrete-made football fields most kids in Bulgaria (me included) get to play on.


A good example of the posing style of the two sisters: serious versus smiling.
And again..
..and again..
..and serious.
This set of photos is probably my favorite from the photoshoot because of the stark contrast between the clothes and brick wall..
..and I think the posing style of Dorina emphasizes the contrast even better!
One of the last shots for the day with a more colorful background.

There are of course many more photos and many more clothes that we tried that day, but I think this selection provides a good representative example. In the end I also gave an interview for Radi’s website about my photography passion. The Bulgarian speakers can have a look at, where they can also browse through the available clothes for sale if interested.


Venue: “Borisova garden” park, Sofia

Lens: Nikkor 85 mm f/1.8

Music: Faithless – Reverence ( – one of her favorite songs

After the end of the football games I finally had more time for photography, and even got a new portrait lens in anticipation of the sea holidays and coming beach photos. I was still in Sofia though, so we arranged a photoshoot with Adi in the park. She felt like her style would be some “dark” photos in black outfit and I had the idea of getting a candle and trying to combine the evening light in the park with the candlelight. So we aimed for a bit creepy feel in the narrow pathways in the forest on one end of the park, and i think the result is quite cool.

Looking scary
The black and white version probably decreases the scary feel
Back to colored “dark” style



For the coming photos I need to tell you a bit more about Adi and her multitasking personality. Apart from being a full time financial analyst and a mother of two children, she is doing a PhD in philosophy with Italian language. If that’s not enough, she is also a journalist and an author that writes short stories in her free time, and has a blog of her own ( in Bulgarian. And last but not least, she’s also a yoga instructor. Which is why we decided to make some photos of her practicing yoga and trying various positions on one of the old communist monuments in the park.

Getting mentally ready
A sort of lotus position on hands, I suppose
A “perfectly imperfect” place for yoga, as the shirt announces
A short break
Moving on the side of the monument to catch the last sun-rays for the day
The swan
Another hard stand that I don’t know the name of
The bridge position
Getting some rest

After the yoga we planned to do some more dark style photos in the gazebos nearby, but unfortunately they were all taken by people, and we wondered around the alleys making a few more photos. It was one of the hottest evenings of summer and so we were essentially forced to stop for a beer at some point, which was the end of the photoshoot as it got too dark afterwards.

It was already dark and we could only rely on the candle and the street lights scattered around the park
Under a lamp post


Venue: Abandoned hotel, Simeonovo, Sofia

Lens: Nikkor 50 mm f/1.4

Music: Sombear – Love you in the dark ( – a favorite song of hers

It was again time for some photos in my favorite abandoned hotel in Simeonovo, and this time the lead role was for Asia, who has quite a unique story herself. She is Polish and moved to live in Bulgaria several years ago. By now she already speaks perfect Bulgarian and is happy with her life in Sofia, but I can imagine that adapting to the local culture was never easy for her. I’m hoping that with her non-standard decision to move here she’s setting an example for more beautiful blonde girls from the North to move to our parts.

I brought Asia to the same place from my shoots with Lily ( and Ivelina (, but this time we ventured even further inside and explored the top floor of the hotel. The setting turned out to be as if taken from some horror movie stage, with molded rooms left in complete chaos and random artifacts from the past showing up here and there. So the long-legged semi-nude shape of Asia made quite a contrast with the background and helped for a set of very interesting photos I think.

At the entrance of the second floor.
In one of the better preserved rooms.


As you can see from the photos Asia has quite some modeling experience already, even if she’s usually very busy doing many other things. So it took us some months before we finally managed to find a good time for both of us to meet. But once we did she immediately got into posing mood and appreciated the weirdness of the setting and its potential for nice photos.

Welcome to the abandoned hotel.


Fortunately no zombies came out during the shoot, but I wouldn’t want to spend the night here.
Some black and white versions


One of the properly molded rooms…
..where the pieces of dried spices were the most well-preserved thing.

At some point we had seen enough demolition and decided to go out and breathe some fresh air, and made some photos in the lower parts of the hotel and its surroundings. Asia also changed her shirt, so the next set of photos had a completely different feel. We unfortunately couldn’t make too many photos outside as it was really hot and the sun was very strong, but we were already happy with our results until then. So we headed back downtown to enjoy the rest of the weekend in a less moldy atmosphere.

The Coca-Cola sticker (in cyrilic, so probably from some time in the 90es) was the only thing fully intact on the first floor of the hotel. A proof that Coca-Cola is truly always around, even if everything else is crumbling down.
Coming out


Some fun tries to capture her hair in motion.

Desi & Vesi

Venue: My place, Sofia

Lens: Nikkor 50 mm f/1.4

Music: Aaliyah – Rock the boat ( – a Desi’s favorite

Back home after my extended stay in New York, I had a jetlagged week of sleepless nights and sleepy days. The only good thing I managed to do was my photoshoot with Desi, who as an added bonus brought her friend Vesi. They came to my place one sunny evening in late May, and we decided it will be best to make photos on the balcony and catch the sunset.

The wind-blown Desi
Vesi, with wind-inflated shirt and hair

Desi and Vesi both came to Sofia to study and ended up in the same course in university, which is how they met. Desi already had some modeling experience and was quite comfortable in front of the camera while Vesi was more timid and we tried to get her to relax with some wine and some common photos with the two of them. In the end we made many more photos of Desi, but we had plenty of fun and nice photos of both of them.

We also tried some inside shots through the windows
Desi and her stunning green-blue eyes
Change of model and window
Back outside with a glass of wine

Then came the time to change outfit and move into more reddish tones, to match the setting sun, trying more combined photos and experimenting with the focus.


Vesi on focus
Reversing the focus and “switching on” the wind
Facing the sun

Then it was time for some individual shots, with Desi trying out an interesting jewel on her head that made me think of Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones. I bet she’d do quite a job as a substitute of Emilia Clarke.

Am I right?
Or am I right?
Sunset flares


In the end we made a few more photos of Vesi on the balcony and then moved to my other balcony hiding from the sun, where we finished with some more shots of Desi and the plans to meet again with some more photo ideas.

Vesi looking more comfortable in front of the camera
Vesi squinting in the sunlight


A black and white version



Venue: Central Park, New York
Lens: Nikkor 50 mm f/1.4
Music: Lost Frequencies – Are you with me ( – her favorite song
You might have noticed the lack of photos from Central park in my New York post, and now I will overcompensate with many photos from there. The spotlight falls however on Irina and not the park, as she kindly agreed to be my model for a couple of hours one sunny afternoon. She is originally from Ukraine but came to live in the States several years ago, eventually ending up staying in Brooklyn, New York. She is a mechanical engineer, so posing is not exactly her expertise, but her natural beauty easily compensates for her lack of experience. Her big smile, joyful spirit, and bright blue eyes make it very hard to guess her profession.
We made most of the photos on the little walkways behind The Lake, where tourists rent boats to escape the crowds around.
Starting with a serious look
A small dance on the alley
Sad face
Happy face
She then changed from her casual outfit into a white dress in order to fit in the spring atmosphere that afternoon in the park. We tried a wider variety of photos with her dancing on the streets, and some close up portrait pictures highlighting her eyes and smile.
Spring look


Her constant smile
On a bench
We also tried some really close photos of her hiding in the leaves of a tree, so that you can only see her eyes shining out.
For the last set of photos we moved a bit further in the park, around Shakespeare garden, and exchanged the white dress for a pink one. After that I had to let her go to her engineering studies, remaining with plenty of nice photos for processing.


Venue: “Borisova garden” park, Sofia
Lens: Nikkor 50 mm f/1.4
Music: Ed Sheeran – I See Fire ( – one of her favorite songs

The last weekend before my long trip to the US (coming soon here), the spring sun was still shining and Joy (or Radost as her name is in Bulgarian) was eager to make some nice photos with flowers in her hair. I was of course happy to assist as she is a good friend of mine, and we decided to try the “Borisova garden” in the centre of Sofia. It was a holiday and the weather was perfect, so the park was really overcrowded and it was hard to find a spot of nature without people around. Together with her natural shyness, this meant that we had to go deep in the park to find some more appropriate places for photos where people wouldn’t bother us so much. Along the way we picked up some dandelions and other flowers and managed to put them together in a sort of wreath and were ready for action.
Starting off simple
Another flower configuration
The final version

We of course tried some photos without the wreath of flowers to change the mood somewhat, and ventured further inside the park which is really big. She was still shy and uncomfortable with trying too many photos and poses, but the ones we did manage to make were quite successful.

Hat instead of flowers
Deeper in the woods
Very blue eyes


Our last stop at the far end of the park was a small training ground in the forest with some gym equipment outside. As she is quite fit and actually training pole dancing (yes, maybe you’ll see that someday) we tried some photos of her hanging from the gymnastic rings. This was the end of the phototrip and we headed to the nearest cafe for a beer.



Venue: Abandoned hotel, Simeonovo, Sofia
Lens: Nikkor 50 mm f/1.4
Music: Van Morrison – Brown eyed girl (
We had tried to arrange a photoshoot with Ivelina for some time and finally succeeded one afternoon during the week when she had come for lectures in Sofia. She is from Stara Zagora, one of the big cities in South Bulgaria, and spends most of her free time there or in Plovdiv (which you can see here Apart from her studies in Sofia, she is busy taking part of a dancing group performing in clubs around Bulgaria. But fortunately lectures were not too interesting that day so instead we decided to drive to my favorite abandoned hotel in Simeonovo ( for some photos.


Send me an angel
Send me an angel
We started off with her casual clothes with the praying nun, and then moved on to some photos around the forest in more provocative style clothes. We also tried some photos at the entrance and inside the hotel, which turned out to be a beautiful setting (you’ll see some photos on the second floor of this place in a future post).


You shall not pass
You shall not pass!
Diamond and glass
Diamond and glass
We also tried some photos “through the shattered glass” style photos similar to my previous photos with Lily (
After this we changed style again as she put on her evening yellow dress. It was quite clear she’s looking best when trying to be sexy rather than cute, but we tried nevertheless, and the photos also came out pretty good. She tried walking barefoot on the road (surviving some close encounters with passing cars), and holding my hand as if bringing me somewhere.
Barefoot on the road
Destination unknown
Destination unknown
Back inside
At the end, back to more provocative style photos, she put on a very sexy outfit with a shirt and jeans. Unfortunately it started raining soon afterwards, so out photoshoot had to finish earlier than planned and we headed off to the city. Still we managed to make quite some photos to show off with.



Venue: My place, Sofia

Lens: Nikkor 50 mm f/1.4

Music: Lana Del Rey – Blue Jeans ( – one of her favorite songs

After all the photoshoots outside it was time to try out some home photos and change the mood, and Mimi was the girl for this. She is working for the ministry of finance in Sofia and liked the idea of trying some photos inside, even though she was at first a bit shy and uncertain about her posing skills and lack of experience. I did my best to convince her explained that it always takes a bit of time (or wine) to relax and get into posing mood, and apparently I did a good job. As you’ll soon see it was totally worth the effort.

So Mimi came to my place with a big sack of clothes that she would change and try out different styles, aiming mostly for a more cosy home style photos of her in casual clothes with a cup of coffee at hand.

Through the balcony window


Ying and yang

After an hour of cosy photos and the better part of the first bottle of wine, Mimi got much more comfortable and you can see her self-confidence and sexy attitude kicking in with the subsequent photos.

Glass of wine on the balcony, replacing the coffee cup of earlier

We made a short pizza and wine break and decided to change clothes and do some more provocative photos around the house in bright red and green blouses, trying out also an old shirt of mine in between.


No photoshoot is complete without a selfie
Rooftop view
Sexy housewife

The final set of photos was the most sexy part, when she was already feeling very comfortable with posing. We tried some photos of her in bed, in a sexy bra, and with wet her in a towel around the house. Enjoy!


As a photographer


After shower


Venue: “Borisova garden” park, Sofia

Lens: Nikkor 50 mm f/1.4

Music: Nadia Ali – Rapture ( – one of her favorite songs

The perfect spring weather in Sofia persisted in the coming weeks, so it was natural to continue with the spring photos with flowers and blossoming trees. My model for the day was Ina, who was very responsive and organized and easy to work with. She came to study here in Sofia and is now working in marketing and in the same time doing her PhD on media and mass communications. Most importantly – Ina is already married, sorry guys!

Even though it was warm outside, the day turned out to be cloudy and rainy so not too many people showed up in the park. This was perfect for our plans to walk around and make photos in several different dresses that Ina had brought for the occasion.



The Bulgarian tradition of leaving “martenitsi” (red and white strings or small figures) on the blossoming trees in the first days of spring

We started with her white blouse that made her look like a bride on the photos and then moved on to her more more formal dresses, which we had decided would look nicely in the park. She had to change clothes in the restrooms of the alternative concert club “The monkey house” (“Маймунярника”) in the middle of the park. So we inadvertently got some strange looks from the usual punk crowd that hangs out there, but this never stopped us.


At a gazebo in the park


After the red dress followed a black evening dress, which turned out to be the last as it also started getting dark and rainy. For the last set of photos we chose the most popular place at the park – the lake of the lilies, and in particular the ledge on the side of the lake.


A b&w portrait version


Radi 2

Venue: Sofia city centre

Lens: Nikkor 50 mm f/1.4

Music: The Byrds – Turn! Turn! Turn! (

Meanwhile back in Sofia spring had already come and everyone was out in the parks and outside cafes. One would think that it was the perfect time for some photos outside, but strangely enough it took me some time to convince Radi (who featured in to meet as she was scared her hair was not looking good enough. I couldn’t see any problem with her hair, but then again I myself have no hair so I am probably less sensitive to the issues of people with hair.


Inhaling spring


So we ended up having a proper spring photoshoot, going around the park behind the Hilton hotel in the centre of Sofia. First we stopped at an interesting yellow house at the entrance of the park next to a strange modern art statue, and later we moved on to the main site of the park. We didn’t have much time as Radi had to go soon, but we still ended up with plenty of photos to show.

Checking her hair


Happy spring to everyone!

Lily 2

Venue: Abandoned hotel, Simeonovo, Sofia

Lens: Nikkor 50 mm f/1.4

Music: Duke Dumont – Ocean Drive ( – her favorite song

A few weeks after our first photoshoot with Lily (, she wrote me that she found the perfect spot for photos near Sofia. It is actually in the neighborhood (former village) of Simeonovo, close to the Vitosha mountain. On a road going up in the forest there is an abandoned hotel, which provides a variety of backgrounds for photos as you’ll see.

A look through the fence of the abandoned hotel.

I was of course curious to check out the new place, so we drove up there the next day, and it was indeed the perfect place for photos and a refreshing escape from the busy city. The combination of wild nature and a spooky crumbling building makes up a very interesting atmosphere, and so we started exploring the different sites around the hotel and trying different photos.


On the stairs of the hotel
“Locked in” the main entrance door of the hotel
An abandoned bench outside

We then moved to the back of the hotel and the side entrances that are also crumbling down. There’s also plenty of shattered glasses from the windows of the hotel, so we tried some more artsy style photos by making her hold the glass at the angle to reflect the sun and look more bright on the picture. This way I could also play with Photoshop afterwards and get an interesting effect by artificially darkening the photo.

Through the shattered glass v1 – focusing on the glass
Through the shattered glass v2 – darkening the background for an artsy portrait effect
At the back side of the hotel – a beauty in the ruins
The scream

We also made some photos in the areas closer to the forest and on the little abandoned children playground nearby. By the time we explored all places we had spent more than three hours on the site and decided to head back to the city as the sun was already hiding behind the mountain.

Look at me
On the playground





Venue: Miss Daffre atelier, Sofia

Lens: Nikkor 50 mm f/1.4

Dress designer: Dafelia

Make-up artist: Silvia

Music: Il Volo – Grande amore ( – her favorite song

My photoshoot with Hrisi was the most professional experience I’ve had so far. Hrisi herself is a model and a model manager at a model agency here in Sofia, and has connections with all the fashion people around. This is how she managed to organize us to make photos in the atelier of the dress designer Daffy and even have a professional make-up artist (Silvy) to help. Our only problem was the weather as it was dark and rainy all day, and we were mostly dependent on sunlight in the tiny atelier.


You can see the small corner of the atelier that we used as our main stage, and if you look carefully on one of the photos in the background you can see Hrisi herself from some previous photoshoot. So our plan was to try out photos with different dresses from the atelier, and drink some wine and chat in the meantime. Overall it took us the whole afternoon and evening with people dropping in constantly to say hi and stay for a glass of wine. So the tiny atelier barely managed to fit all the people and this is why all photos you see are from the last remaining corner not full of people and clothes.


As you see we took out the photos from the wall, to create the illusion the photos are made in a more spacious place, and tried to show the most of every dress and the different ways of wearing it. Unfortunately as the time went on the lighting was getting worse and we tried using the small lamps in the atelier, but there were less photos of good quality. Still we had a lot of fun and quite a lot of pictures, so we were all very happy with the outcome of our small photo project (not only from the amount of wine drunk).



Venue: Sofia, our neighborhood

Lens: Nikkor 24-120 mm f/4 VR

Music: Enrique Iglesias – Bailando ( – a favorite song

I am proud to say I was one of the first photographers that “discovered” Lily, who in the months that followed went on to pose for photos for many Bulgarian photographers and has a bright modeling career ahead. She is actually Ukrainian but came to live in Sofia as a teenager, consequently graduating in the university here as a journalist. Even if modeling is not yet her profession, Lily is extremely devoted and serious about posing, and we actually had an elaborate project to make photos in a post-communist style with some old buildings and the outfit of communist girls in school. It also turned out we live in the same neighborhood so it was easy to set a date and try some photos.

A random street
Street graffiti


The professional gymnasium for textile and leather clothing

As you see it actually turned out what we planned to be a girls uniform from the communist times looks a lot like a present day school uniform in some countries (not in Bulgaria). So we can as well call the photosession “Back to school” as we also happened to find several schools in the neighborhood that provided an interesting setting for our photos.


I need to mention specifically one particular photo my friends like making fun about, because of the writing on the wall behind (I am not translating this for the non-Bulgarian speakers, sorry guys!).


Their usual question is how I managed to get Lily to stand under this sign, and my answer is that art sometimes needs to provoke people, so I am happy we did it well here.

We finished with some more school photos and the promise to organize something else soon.


Probably not
The February sunset and the end of our photoshoot

Radi & Cherry

Venue: Sofia city centre

Lens: Nikkor 24-120 mm f/4 VR

Music: Tep No – Swear like a sailor ( – one of her favorite songs

The winter was getting milder so with Radi we decided to make some photos outside around the streets and parks in the centre of Sofia. She is from a small town in the mountains and came to study in Sofia some years ago. Now she’s working in one of the big media companies in Bulgaria, but likes fashion and modeling so was happy to pose for me. As an added bonus she also took her little dog – Cherry.



Cup of coffee to warm up

Unfortunately it was still cloudy and dark outside, and you can see the remaining bits of unmelted snow around. The people that know Sofia will recognize this first set of pictures was taken in front of the National Palace of Culture, which will surely feature on a blog of its own someday. Next we decided to walk around the small streets off the main street Vitosha, and made some photos at random places on the street that we liked.

In front of small art shop on a side street


At the (non-functioning in winter) fountain in front of the national theater

At the end of our photo tour around Sofia we decided to stop for a drink at one nice cocktail bar to warm up, and made a new set of photos around it and inside. Afterwards it already got too dark for more photos and we decided to call it a day and meet again for more photos when the spring comes (which turned out to be quite soon).


Cherry on a bar stool


Venue: Vezna restaurant, Sofia

Lens: Nikkor 24-120 mm f/4 VR

Music: W.A.S.P. – Wild child ( – one of her favorite songs, tattooed on her

It was again a freezing winter day when we met with Ani, and fortunately we had already decided to make photos inside. She was working at a new restaurant in downtown Sofia and her boss had suggested we make some photos there, to be used for advertisements. But it was not a working day for the restaurant and so we were also free to just make photos for our own fun, on which we mostly concentrated.

A dark style try
A candlelight photo, no other light was used
With a bottle of wine


You can already see the setting we had to work in, the restaurant is essentially in a basement and given the poor light and the fact that we could only improvise with a bottle of wine, an apple and a few candles I think we did a pretty good job. Ani had also brought several different dresses so we could also try different ideas with them, trying to make the best possible advertising photos in the same time. Here follow some more semi-advertising photos.






A few more words about Ani – apart from her beauty and her passion for tattoos that are obvious from the photos, she’s actually a big fitness fan. She has a very strong and determined personality and is training for bikini fitness competitions. Clearly it was not appropriate to make bikini fitness photos in the restaurant, but maybe you should stay tuned for some future post..


Make a wish